The first multiplier event in Poland took place on 24th June 2019 in Łęczyca. The second multiplier event in Poland took place on 29th July 2019 in Łódź. The meetings were attended by 42 people.
They were representatives of the target group, among others:

  • employees of the District Labour Office, who on a daily basis award grants to the unemployed, including the disabled, for starting their own businesses; they also provide consulting services in this area and provide professional activation to the disabled;
  • employees of the District Family Assistance Centre who support the families of the disabled, help to obtain financial support for the purchase of rehabilitation equipment, organize trainings for the disabled, etc.;
  • employees of the City and County Public Library in Łęczyca, where classes for the disabled are conducted, including IT training;
  • employees of the Vocational Training Department, where courses for adults, including the disabled, in the field of IT, accounting and finance, administration and office, etc. are conducted.

During the meeting they were presented:

  1. Guide with examples of good practice – it illustrates the situation of people with disabilities in the labour market in different countries participating in the project. It contains statistical data on disability and employment, information on existing legislation and support instruments, and illustrates a number of concrete experiences in the exchange and transfer of good practices.
  2. LAYA: e-learning platform fully accessible to people with visual, hearing or cognitive disabilities.
  3. Tutorials – a series of animated videos adapted to different types of disability, e.g. sign language for deaf people; designed to enable people with disabilities to acquire basic knowledge and useful information on accounting and finance, sales, marketing, public relations, IT and long-term support for people with disabilities to start self-employment.
  4. Virtual community – created in each partner country to bring together people with disabilities, people working in institutions supporting people with disabilities and institutions promoting entrepreneurship. Thanks to this virtual community, all these actors will be able to share their knowledge and experience.