Workshop for all those who want to deepen their understanding of themselves or work on developing their own competence to be a leader, self-directive learning. For people supporting the development of others (trainers, coaches, teachers, psychologists …) is the opportunity to learn about the principles and practice of implementing social change.

Main golas:

  • Exploration of what we understand on self-directive learning and social change
  • Leadership training
  • Identifying what have to be changed
  • Strategy of working with self-directive teams
  • Changing of management
  • Development of action plans

Methodological approach:

  • we work on case studies
  • we analyze and look for the best solutions
  • we use multimedia to conduct training
  • we give examples, we use films and photography for this purpose

 Expected learning outcomes:

  • getting to know self-motivating methods and techniques
  • learning methods of self-organization of the education process
  • acquiring the skills of introducing exchanges

 Language of training:    English

 Trainer: Jumbo Klercq

  • In the Dutch adult education for more than 30 years. Original active as trainer in a residential folkhighschool he has explored the principles of Grundtvig, Paolo Freire, Oscar Negt, who give him the inspiration to build a job career in adult learning.
  • Since 2011 he is board member of Learn to Life, Dutch Platform for International Adult Education and member of the steering committee of the Nieuwe BV


  • workshops and presentations about innovation, lifelong learning, project development and the knowledge society
  • realisation of train the trainer seminars and workshops
  • consultancy about policy development and – implementation of innovation in adult learning in a globalised world
  • consultancy, support and partner search in project applications and project organisation
  • developing e-networks to create, share, and use lifelong learning knowledge

Certification and validation of learning outcome:    Europass Mobility

 What we offer:

  • assistance in preparing an application under Action K1, Mobility of Adult Education,
  • organization of accommodation,
  • organization of cultural activities.

Training place: Gdańsk, Dwór Prawdzica

Price: max. 820 Euro (included: 6 nights, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, coffee breaks, training materials, three cultural events)

Training plan

Day 1 / 10.12.2018

  • Getting acquainted
  • Showing each others presentations and feedback
  • Case study on social change

Day 2 / 11.12.2018

  • What are relevant social changes?
  • What is self-directive learning?
  • Case study self-directive learning and social change

Day 3 / 12.12.2018

  • Leadership and democracy
  • Leadership and social change
  • Chance management and other leaership skills

Day 4 / 13.12.2018

  • What need to be changed?
  • How to start?
  • How to manage?

Day 5 / 14.12.2018

  • Action plans
  • Feedback and support
  • Evaluation & certification


Training time: Classes every day in the morning and afternoon sessions
The morning session: 9:00 – 12:30
The afternoon session: 14:00 – 16:30