This is a workshop for all those who want to face the challenges of educating adults, including seniors, in the post COVID-19 pandemic era.We will try to answer the questions of how to mobilise adults to participate in educational activities, how online training has changed the reality of adult education and whether it is possible to return to traditional forms of training.This workshop is intended for trainers, teachers, instructors and others involved in Lifelong Learning.

Main golas:

  • to develop methods to motivate adults and senior citizens to use traditional forms
    of education;
  • to develop methods to help overcome fears and reluctance to participate in adult education in post-pandemic times;
  • to work out methods and a plan for introducing changes in the organisation and motivation of adult education;
  • presentation of different working methods;
  • exchange of experience.

Methodological approach:

  • we work in groups, activating all workshop participants;
  • we work on case studies;
  • we analyse and search for the best solutions.

Expected learning outcomes:

  • to become acquainted with methods and techniques of motivating adults to participate in educational activities;
  • to get acquainted with methods of organisation of the educational process with the use of mixed forms of teaching: online and traditional;
  • acquiring skills of introducing changes in the organization in the field of education
    of adults and seniors.

What we offer:

  • implementation of workshops,
  • organisation of accommodation with full board,
  • cultural programme | Warsaw Old Town tour, tour of Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw, tour of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

Workshop programme

1st DAY

  1. Education in the EU in times of pandemics. Statistical studies, new methods of teaching.
  2. Will adult education after a pandemic be the same as before?
  3. Is there no way to return to traditional forms of training?
  4. Will online adult education pass the test during a pandemic?
  5. Mental and technical problems of online education.
  6. Does online education lead to technology addiction and loosening of interpersonal bonds? Can it be a source of depression?
  7. Panel discussion.

Visiting the Old Town of Warsaw.

2nd DAY

  1. Workshop – how to motivate adults to traditional forms of education, how to overcome fears and reluctance? Division into groups of 6 persons | Exercises.
  2. Workshop – how to introduce changes in organization and motivation of adults to education? Division into groups of 6 persons | Exercises.

Visiting the Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw.

3rd DAY

  1. Workshop – presentation of different working methods.
  2. Panel discussion and exchange of experiences.
  3. Summary of the workshop

Visiting the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

Training place: Warsaw, Centrum Konferencyjno-Szkoleniowe Fundacji Nowe Horyzonty,

Language of training:     English
Certification of participation:   Certificat Europass Mobility